Package Thieves Caught On Camera By Home Security Cameras?

October 30, 2021

Are you a victim of Porch Pirates? You should be aware that these people are everywhere. Unlike the typical pirates of old times, these scoundrels don’t sail any seas to search for treasure. Instead, they cruise your neighborhoods, looking at the packages left in front of your house. They aren’t as bright as you expected and to illustrate that, here are some thieves that got caught on camera.Ding Dong, The Doorbell Dummy Is Here. This Denver porch theft never thought he would be caught up by the ring video doorbell. As more homeowners get creative with ways to protect packages delivered to their front door, one Denver family is thankful for their new Ring video doorbell.This family recently installed an app on all their phones that sends them notifications when there is motion detected at their front door.One night, the family was in their backyard when they got a notification that someone was at their front door. A child noticed a woman take an Amazon package off their front doorstep and walk away. She caught up with the porch pirate just a few blocks away and demanded her to give their stolen package back.While the family did call police to notify them about the incident, they did not try to detain the thief and she walked away after 911 was called.Who Needs A Nanny Cam When You Have A Nanny?In Washington State, a surveillance video caught what at first looked like an ordinary package theft, but then a nanny took matters into her own hands.This package thief must be confident enough that no one will see her taking away the package but unfortunately, the nanny saw and chased her. As the woman attempts to get back into the car, the vehicle speeds away and she falls onto the sidewalk at the end of the driveway. When the woman tried to get up and flee, the nanny pulled her to the ground and called the police. The package that was left with the getaway car was filled with presents for the 1-year-old, who slept through the whole incident.Never Steal During Snow TimeIf you want to see the full video you can go here. In Mississauga, Ont. a homeowner catches a suspected porch pirate in the act. But when the thief tried to run, his car hit a snow bank that made it stuck. He gets out of his vehicle and tries to push it free, to no avail. The suspect then tries to dig out some snow from under the vehicle with his hands but still nothing happens. For this reason of delay, the peel police officers eventually show up and make an arrest.Package Thief Breaks A LegThis package thief experienced some Instant Karma when she picked up a package and started running back to her waiting getaway car. The problem is that she slipped on the grass and broke her leg. Her getaway driver comes to the rescue and carries her to the car, then goes back to get the packages. It couldn't have happened to a nicer gal.Porch Pirate Parenting In ActionTo use children to be package thieves is such an abuse. This video captured by an Akron woman’s Ring camera will surely break your heart. You can see a woman with a child walking down the street. The young boy she’s with runs up to the home and grabs a package right off the victim’s porch.The kid being utilized and manipulated to do this kind of thing is a serious thing that parents should be aware of. We shouldn’t raise our kids in this manner of stealing something that they didn’t own.The reality remains that Package Thieves are everywhere. And they are always ready to strike. We should be accountable to protect the things inside of our home by installing home security systems. The thieves shown here should be a good reminder to protect your deliveries. You can learn more about home security systems here to secure the inside of your home.

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