Worried about
package theft?

"Delivery service notifications are sometimes delayed or non-existent. With Package Guard, I know exactly when a package hits my doorstep."

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Real-time delivery alerts

Get Real-Time alerts when a package is delivered to your front door or delivery area. No more guessing is it there or not.

Weight-activated security alarm

Package protection for those unattended packages. When a package is removed without using the iOS App a loud 90-100 db alarm/siren is triggered.

Safe Circle alerts your friends

You can include your neighbors to receive alerts so they can pick up your packages when you are not home.

Holds up to 100lbs

You can stack boxes on top of other boxes on top of the Package Guard. If any of them are removed without using the App then the alarm/siren will sound.

Steel leash keeps the device in place

You can attach your Package Guard to your porch or something on your porch so it doesn't get moved.

Simple iOS app to manage deliveries

The iOS App (no Android) controls the Package Guard so you can pick up packages, turn the Package Guard off, and manage notfications.

Just 5 minutes to protect your packages.

Connect to WIFI

At about the size of a Frisbee, (11 in or 27 cm) the patented Package Guard is a Wi-Fi enabled device that is simple to setup in less than 5 minutes. The Package Guard is battery operated and will last 3-4 months before replacing batteries.

Place outside your front door

The Package Guard has guaranteed “real time” alerts for you and your neighbor when each of your packages has been delivered or removed (hopefully not stolen) from your porch.

Keep your delivery safe

If a package thief (aka “porch pirate”) removes a package or Package Guard without using the Safe Circle app (owners of course have the app) it triggers its loud internal 100db alarm/siren.

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