20x Your Donation to Help Those in Need

November 16, 2017

How to 20X your Donation

Package Guard is teaming up with b8ta stores on National Package Protection Day (November 29th) to 20x your charitable donations to help keep people on the streets warm this winter. To donate, come in to the b8ta store in U Village in Seattle between 1pm - 7pm and we will turn your $1 donation into $20. No purchase is necessary to donate, just come in and say hello and give us a $1 we will turn that into $20 with the help of b8ta stores.If you are not able to make it in to a store, we will also be 10x-ing OUR normal $1 donation to $10 for every device sold online on National Package Protection Day (November 29th). On top of that, we will be offering free shipping on those orders as well, go here to give and buy.


What your dollar buys (3)

here Your Donation Goes

The charity that all donations will benefit is Survive the Streets.Survive the Streets is an annual event to help the homeless in the Seattle area. Now in their 18th year, their goal is to provide more than 300 people with the clothing and gear they need to stay safe and warm this winter. On Thanksgiving Day, they will be giving away; sleeping bags, winter coats, fleece jackets, backpacks, duffel bags, socks, gloves, hats and more.Founders Mike Grabham and his wife Patti Dunn created Survive the Streets 17 years ago because they wanted to help people living on the streets stay warm through the cold and wet Seattle winter. Since then, they now have a registered, 501(c)3 nonprofit. They have served thousands of guests, providing them with socks, gloves, coats, sleeping bags, backpacks and other gear needed to get through the winter months.Several years ago, they had a large box of warm winter coats meant for the nonprofit stolen off their front porch. This lead Mike to the create Package Guard. It is for this reason that Survive the Streets is at the core of what we do. And why we do, and always will, donate $1 from every Package Guard sold.

What is Package Guard?

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US Patent # 9,786,141[/caption]Package Guard is a simple-to-use device the size of a Frisbee and can be secured to your front porch. It instantly notifies you and an invite-only Safe Circle group when you receive a package, giving you Peace of Mind of knowing your package has arrived safely on your doorstep. This is especially valuable information when dealing with claims for lost or stolen packaged with delivery companies, because you know if and exactly when your deliveries arrive on your doorstep.It is also the first smart home product specifically designed to protect your packages delivered to your home. If a package is removed from the device without the verified app the 100dB alarm sounds and sends alerts to your Safe Circle. Package Guard and Safe Circle together help you create a neighborhood watch 2.0 and protect the convenience of online shopping.Order Package Guard on November 29th to receive free shipping, and 10x OUR donation to Survive the Streets.

Free Shipping and Donate $10 (2)

*We can match up to $2 per person*

More About Survive the Streets

"Survive the Streets helps out those living in shelters and less fortunate people who don't have money to afford warm winter clothing and gear. There are a lot of people who need it out here." - Survive the Streets RecipientFor more information, or to donate to Survive the Streets, visit their website here or watch the videos below.

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