This Week in Package Theft 8.0

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Welcome to This Week in Package Theft.

I grew up watching The Tonight Show and I always got a kick out of Jay Leno’s rant about stupid criminals. I feel like the guy stealing this package would be featured if that was still a thing. I mean, really?! Do you think no one can see you?? It’s like when my one-year-old daughter covers her face with her blanket and thinks no one can see her. 😆😆😆😆


Package theft Porch Pirate Spots Camera Comes Back With Epic Disguise

Porch Pirate Spots Camera Comes Back With Epic Disguise


Here’s what will happen to stupid package thieves when they encounter a Package Guard. Nothing gives me greater joy.

The Package Guard protects against package theft

Alarms sounds as porch pirate steels package

Conclusion: Package thieves are dumb (I think I just found the title of my next blog post).

Each week, we feature two package theft videos or stories from around the web and bring you rants, raves, tips, tricks, advice and a place to share ideas on how to help stop package theft.  Come join us at TWIPT each week right here.


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