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Welcome to This Week in Package Theft.

How is it Winter Break already? Those of you with kids will know what I mean by this “Winter Break” stuff… since obviously, we grown-ups don’t have such luxuries. 😭🐼

It seems like yesterday that it was the first day of school, the weather was still warm and the promise of a new school year was shining brightly ahead, as my 10-year old daughter greeted her classmates after a too-short summer apart. How happy they were with their new backpacks and new shoes waving away their parents with the dismissive quality that only a tween can possess.

Despite those now distant memories of long summer days, blue skies, BBQ’s and kids running wild in the neighborhood, I find myself wishing we could turn the clock back just a little bit, to before the holiday rush began in mid-November.
(AKA: before prime “Porch Pirate Season”)

Because they’ve been busy folks, these rotten package thieves… really busy!

You need only do a quick search of “package theft” or “porch pirates” on Google, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, etc. to see report after report (and video after video) of men and women (even kids) in all shapes and sizes, just strolling up onto porches all across America, helping themselves to whatever they find there… in broad daylight and on camera.

Even Hulk Hogan can’t catch a break!

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 10.24.55 AM

WFTS Tampa Bay FL


Then there’s this guy, who cleverly rigged a package on his porch to scare off would-be package thieves (and boy, did he ever)…

KIRO7 News Tacoma WA

KIRO7 News Tacoma WA


More and more folks are taking matters into their own hands to deter porch pirates. To be honest, we’re just fine with that… as long as nobody gets hurt!

This Week in Package Theft - Episode # 3

This Week in Package Theft – Episode # 3

(but hey, a little dog poop couldn’t hurt, could it?) 😏

See you next time!

Mike G

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  1. Rhianon says:

    It’s very disheartening that people are stealing other people’s mail so frequently these days! And it’s terrible any time of the year, but particularly at Christmas, when most people aren’t even buying things for themselves!

    • Cheryl Richmond says:

      You forgot something on your list @Rhianon… a Package Guard! 😉

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