This Week in Package Theft 7.0

Front porch packages

Welcome to This Week in Package Theft.

There are so many interesting little things going on in this story and I want to talk about each of them, but I think we’ll just focus on one, “The collection of random and “value-less” items people steal from front porches.”

I started thinking about the value-less items package thieves go to great lengths to steel because in this article, the thief got away with;

  • A yoga mat
  • A calendar
  • A set of floor mats
  • A bottle of dietary supplements

Really? Why even bother?!

Aside from not getting caught, I imagine that package thieves hope to hit the jackpot on stuff they can resell; expensive jewelry, electronics, specialty gifts, etc., However, I did a Google search for “Top items delivered to your home” and you know what came up for

  • Laundry detergent
  • Toilet paper
  • Cleaning supplies

My guess is that most of these stupid criminals are stealing what I like to call “dud packages”. There’s no street market for laundry detergent! What the heck is the entire industry of package thieves doing with these dud packages?

When I was growing up, I thought mail fraud was a serious offense. I wouldn’t even go near someone else’s mailbox. I wish the parents of these high school students would teach them a similar lesson. They got away with a toddler size t-shirt (what was I saying about dud packages?!!) but the sheer embarrassment they must be feeling right now was totally #notworthit #stupidshityoudoinhighschool

Click here to watch the video! 

Package theft isn’t worth it, people!! The odds of getting a dud package just doesn’t make it worth the risk.

Each week, we feature two package theft videos or stories from around the web and bring you rants, raves, tips, tricks, advice and a place to share ideas on how to help stop package theft.  Come join us at TWIPT each week right here.


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