This Week in Package Theft – 4.0

Package theft prevention by package guard

JULY 11 – Welcome to This Week in Package Theft. We are seeing an increase in package theft, so if we can help expose the people doing this and ideas on how to stop them, we think that is a good thing.

Each week, we’ll feature 2-3 package theft videos or stories from around the web and bring you rants, raves, tips, tricks, advice and a place to share ideas on how to help stop package theft.  Come join us at TWIPT.

This week’s videos share a common trend that is happening all too often. Package thieves are saying F U to the camera (literally).

This poor homeowner is doing everything right. Tracking deliveries, installing a security camera, but it still does nothing to deter his package theft. In the latest theft, the porch pirate had the nerve to just unplug the camera during the crime. We’re going to have to get a security camera for our security camera.

The package thief in this video looks right at the camera and flips the bird.  If I was that homeowner, I’d hunt that thief down!!

Package theft prevention by package guard



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