This Week In Package Theft – 2.0

Package Thieves stopped by Package Guard

Welcome to This Week in Package Theft.

We are seeing an increase in package theft, so if we can help expose the people doing this and ideas on how to stop them, we think that is a good thing.

Each week, we’ll feature 2-3 package theft videos or stories from around the web and bring you rants, raves, tips, tricks, advice and a place to share ideas on how to help stop package theft.  Come join us at TWIPT.

Here’s a dumb package thief. She follows the mailperson around the neighborhood noting where the packages are delivered and then returns to steal the packages. This might be the best-dressed porch pirated I’ve ever seen in gold heels (stolen from a porch, perhaps?!). Could she be anymore conspicuous?  We hope the thief is caught and the items are returned to their rightful owners!

Package Thieves stopped by Package Guard


Here’s a very sad story we wanted to share because it literally and figuratively hits close to home. This story comes from a Seattle couple who had their wedding bands stolen from their home. I’m getting married in a few weeks and understand how special and valuable those rings are!! I want to give this package thief more than just a ringless finger! And I want to give the victims a Package Guard so they can get reliable text messages with every delivery and to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

The Stranger, I Anonymous Package Theft

Mail theft is a federal crime with a punishment of up to five years in prison. Porch pirates beware!


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