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8 Astonishing Online Shopping & Home Delivery Stats

8 Astonishing Online Shopping & Home Delivery Stats [INFOGRAPHIC]

We live in a world where you can get virtually anything delivered. And almost all of us want it delivered to our front doors. But the fear of package theft and porch pirates, has many of us making other decisions and finding different solutions to protect our online purchases as they transit to our homes.

These 8 astonishing facts about online shopping and home delivery make it clear that people are experiencing package theft at an alarming rate and most of us are looking for an alternate solution to traditional package delivery.

Online retailers are starting to feel the pressure as well and some, like Amazon, are starting to take action. Amazon has been successful with their Amazon Locker program and have recently launched Amazon Hub to help renters.

Consumers are using home security devices like Ring, or even sending deliveries to alternate locations while others are avoiding purchases altogether.

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