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The Essential Top 10 Holiday Home Security Tips

It’s time again for another installment of our holiday home security & safety tips! You might remember our list from last year. Holidays always see a spike in property crime, and so it’s an important time to play it safe and be aware of common risks. The seasonal increase in …


Creating Package Guard

How This All Started In 1999, my wife Patty and I started a nonprofit called Survive the Streets. Survive the Streets’ purpose is to support those in need and help them stay warm through the cold Seattle winters. Each year the funds we raise allow us to purchase 40–50 boxes of coats, gloves, …


The Past and Present of Home Security

Home Security is a concern for all people–the need to preserve life and as much comfort as possible. That concern for security quickly extends to property, and the notion of home security is nothing new. We might consider it starting when humans began to stay in relatively fixed “homes” and …